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Professional Pet Groomers
and Pet Dental Spa

We serve small and large dogs.

Cats and pets with special needs all welcomed!

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Welcome to CityPooch Pet Grooming Salon, where we consider the care of your best friend our priority. We've provided full-service grooming for Miami pets since 2006, building a high reputation for excellent pet care and service.

Because of our sincere love for animals, we treat all pets with the utmost respect and diligence. All our groomers are trained and sensitive to specific grooming requests.


We keep an updated record for each pet we groom, so we can fulfill the owner's requests. We specialize in all Standard breed cuts and creative styling for mixed breeds. All grooms can be customized to your lifestyle and preferences. City Pooch Pet Grooming Salon also offers high quality, specialty shampoos, and conditioners to maintain your pet's coat in optimum condition.


City Pooch Pet Grooming Salon is committed to providing you and your pet an enjoyable experience to the groomers. As professionals, it is our duty to educate our clients and to help interpret your wants and needs, while never sacrificing the love and care that our "four legged friends" deserve.


Our pets love routine, so frequent visits help alleviate unknown fears. Proper and ethical handling leads to calm and in some cases exuberant, happy pets. If your dog is terrified of going to the groomers, you should find out why.


Humane treatment, mutual respect, continuing education of the latest research and procedures is the very core of what sets City Pooch Pet Grooming Salon apart from the average pet care establishment.


This is our promise to our customers, our commitment to the welfare of their pets.

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About Us




Nails clipped and filed

Ears cleaned

Anal Glands expressed*

Full bath**

Conditioning rinse

Fluff dry by hand

(No cage drying EVER!)

Complete brush out

Bandana or bows 



*Prices may vary depending on breed and weight.

Starting at





Bath Package


Sanitary clip for Hygiene+

Hair over eyes trimmed++


*Prices may vary depending on breed and weight.



Starting at

Mini Groom 




Mini Groom



Full haircut

Creative Grooms for mixed breeds 


*Prices may vary depending on breed and weight.

Starting at

Full Groom 


Grooming Services

additional services

Additional Services

non-anesthetic teeth cleaning 

Our Dental Technicians are professionally trained in Non- Anesthetic Teeth Cleaning for dogs and cats.  

This is a non-invasive procedure that does not require any kind of medications or sedatives. This procedure can be a great addition to your pet’s oral health care and can serve as a more frequent routine of care in between your pet’s annual vet visits.  


Prevention is key and Non- Anesthetic Teeth cleanings will significantly reduce the risk of Periodontal Disease.

Periodontal Disease is one of the most common diseases in dogs and cats over the age of 5 years, with over 80% being mild to severe.

To ensure your pet has a healthy mouth we strongly urge pet parents to keep up with their pet’s dental cleanings as well as routine home care. Water additives, dental gels and dental treats are great home care 
methods that are valuable to your pets oral health.

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Non-Anesthetic Teeth Cleaning

At City Pooch our highest priority is the safety and well being of your beloved pet. To ensure the best grooming experience, our salon is designed to be bright and roomy. All grooming is done in plain view, which all our customers love.

Please inquire about our
Home setting Boarding Services.  

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1686 Coral Way 
Miami, Fl. 33145 




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We are working by appointment only. NO WALK-INS please.

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